I’m a SXSW Virgin

This year, after much begging, I finally convinced the powers that be at work that it is imperative I attend SXSW Interactive this year.  I have been to plenty of conferences, so I know how it all goes down, but I am technically a SXSW virgin.

My counterpart at USA TODAY, @bdresher, is also attending as is my colleague @kathleensulli over her vacation.  So we decided, since so many sessions are scheduled at the same time, we would divide and conquer. We met yesterday and reviewed schedules.  It was actually fun and I think it made us all really excited for the conference.

For me, I must attend sessions that are related to projects I am working on at work.  So the fun sessions or the sessions that my friends are speaking at, if not project related, I’m going to have to miss.  But I am sure, with all the parties and events, I will be able to get some much-needed face time with them.

Anyway, if you are also attending SXSW, please find me and say hi!

My SXSW schedule

My Social Media SharePoint Site

I created and maintain a social media site for Gannett. I make updates to it daily as well as send out monthly newsletters about the latest content. What I don’t do is share this information outside of Gannett, and I should. The site is very complex with tons of areas of interest, links, documentation, best practices, etc. It is easy to manage this in SharePoint, not so easy to recreate here. Over the next few weeks I will try to create pages on this site, where I cross post the information I collect. Stay tuned!!

2010 Trend Predictions in 140 Characters

What I Read Everyday*

I read a lot.  I probably spend a couple hours a day just trying to keep up with new social media related content out there.  I also send out a lot of articles and Tweets to my colleagues, mostly information relevant to projects we are working on, or projects I think we should be working on.  Last week, a co-worker asked where do I find all of it.  So I thought I would just write a post about what I read everyday (*or almost everyday).

I am not big on my RSS reader.  I get bogged down in it for some reason, and I miss the things that would probably be most important to me, so I am a big believer in the email newsletter.  I subscribe to almost every site’s newsletter that has ever had an interesting article or post.  I weed through the newsletters every day and if it’s a particularly slow day (or night) I read them all.  But on most days, I read the ones that are ‘can’t miss’ in my book.

Email Newsletters I Read Each Day

It’s a must.  It is the world’s largest ‘blog’ for social media and web2.0.  If you want to know what is what, they will tell you.  period.

I read this one to keep up with changes that Facebook implements, as well as good FB stats and analysis.

I read this to keep up with latest tech updates, start-up news and social media updates.

All Things Digital
A round-up of news and analysis on technology and media.

I Want Media
A terrific collection of media related news from around the web.  Because I work for a giant media company, I feel compelled to keep up with my industry.

Paid Content
As the debate over free news vs paywalls and paid content continues, this website and newsletter give a round-up of happenings in this digital news  content arena.  A must have for anyone in the business of news.

A terrific selection of journalism news and related content from around the web.  From the Poynter Institute (school for journalists, future journalists, and teachers of journalism).

Social Media Today
Articles and information about social media from some of the top thinkers around.

These are newsletters I subscribe to and try to read every day

Resources for marketing, media and advertising professionals

market research and trend analysis on Internet, e-business, online marketing, media and emerging technologies

‘Tools, hints, tips, tricks and opinion, plus celebrity culture (and the darker side of Twitter)’

Chris Brogan
Blog: Writes insightful blog posts and newsletters about community and social media.

Being Peter Kim
Blog: Posts about social media and web 2.0 technology

Web Strategy by Jeremiah
Blog: Posts about community, web 2.0, social media and in depth analysis not found in many places on the web

Experts on in-bound Marketing and THE place to find terrific webinars as well as HubSpot TV.  A must see!

Jeff Pulver
Notes and observations from an internet pioneer.  Founder of 140 Characters Twitter conferences.

The place for any and all resources for your online marketing needs.  Tons of terrific white papers and webinars on social media marketing.

Gas Pedal
All about Word of Mouth Marketing and social media.  Includes case studies and free events on how big business uses WOM and social media.

So there you have it.  Now get reading!!

#Thankfulfor Social Media and here is why

Thought I’d launch my new social media blog with a befitting Thanksgiving #thankfulfor post.  And it’s social media I am thankful for.

Let’s talk about Twitter.  I started a new position in November 2008 as a social media content manager for Gannett.  The position has many facets.  It was not a coincidence that I already had a mild obsession with Twitter, but now that it was part of my job, I jumped in 110%.  I have to say, I understand why Twitter is such a great tool, but it has also introduced me to some amazing, funny, genius people I would never have met otherwise.

There are too many to count and I planned to show screen shots of some of my favorite tweets, but silly me, I didn’t realize Twitter doesn’t go back a whole year in my replies.  So what I will show you are at least a few of my favorites from the past few months (and a few I was smart enough to favorite at the time).

Making me laugh:

After tweeting during a PGA tournament, I became friends with @TigersHeadCover.  After mentioning I wasn’t really a Tiger fan, this was the reply-

After mentioning the window sun shade I use on my car has a large Windows 95 logo on it (was a free promo item many years ago), I got this reply-

Mentioning I am obsessed with Augmented Reality (new technology), this reply:

The genius of it-

Then of course, the Tweeple you expect to be funny, like this one-


Not until you share an event of some sort on Twitter, do you really understand the power of a hashtag (#).  Watching sporting events, or awards shows or breaking news- sharing the experience with 1000’s of people on Twitter via a hashtag- is an amazing experience.

Not human, and that’s ok:

When I first realized there were animals on Twitter, I was fascinated.  I even started an account for my kitties and they follow only animals.  These animals have parties (#pawparty) and special dedicated days (#woofwednesday) and it’s an amazing culture.  But I am most thankful for the joy these ‘tweeting animals’ bring me.

They are some of the cutest, happiest twitterers out there-

They are grateful beyond belief-

extremely smart-

and of course, the most popular feline on Twitter, with over a million followers, Sockington

ok- this one isn’t an animal, but it is a baby- a baby who tweets.  And she is a Republican (unlike her Democrat parents)-


I am not always motivated to workout.  But the people on Twitter, people I don’t even know, are always there to help with motivation.

And the random kindness:

Tweeted about my cravings for ice cream…

he lives in Hawaii.


And a day I was just feeling crummy-

Oh and of course the occasional awesome tweet from a social media rock star 🙂

Only 3 months?

And these are just from the past 3 months.  Can you imagine the humor, joy, kindness, support, I’d even say love, that I have seen from my Twitter friends over this past year, not to mention since I joined Twitter (mid ’08)?  And please don’t anyone feel disappointed for not being mentioned in this post.  You all rock and I could write 100 posts about you all!

If anyone says they don’t get Twitter, and you want to go to your standard list of pre-existing reasons you rant and rave about to colleagues and friends, instead try a new and different approach.  Show why you are thankful for Twitter.

This post doesn’t even delve into why I love and use Twitter for business and why I teach and encourage the staffs at Gannett’s 80+ newspapers and 20+ TV stations to use it regularly.  This is just for me in my personal way, saying thank you to my Tweeple.  You guys rock beyond belief.  Happy Thanksgiving!

coming december 2009

I spend at least 1-2 hours a day reading articles, blog posts, newsletters, etc. on social media.  Then I pick the best of the crop and email those to colleagues I think will be interested.  Then I post a portion of the information on Gannett’s Social Media internal sharepoint site, which I maintain.  What I don’t do is share this information publicly, outside of Gannett.  I may tweet out an article here or there, but I don’t collect this information anywhere for myself.  You could follow my delicious bookmarks, but they only tell half the story.

So- starting in December 2009, I will start using this new social media blog and make it a place to collect many of the thoughts I share only internally.  Hope it works out and I hope you enjoy it!