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#Thankfulfor Social Media and here is why

Thought I’d launch my new social media blog with a befitting Thanksgiving #thankfulfor post.  And it’s social media I am thankful for.

Let’s talk about Twitter.  I started a new position in November 2008 as a social media content manager for Gannett.  The position has many facets.  It was not a coincidence that I already had a mild obsession with Twitter, but now that it was part of my job, I jumped in 110%.  I have to say, I understand why Twitter is such a great tool, but it has also introduced me to some amazing, funny, genius people I would never have met otherwise.

There are too many to count and I planned to show screen shots of some of my favorite tweets, but silly me, I didn’t realize Twitter doesn’t go back a whole year in my replies.  So what I will show you are at least a few of my favorites from the past few months (and a few I was smart enough to favorite at the time).

Making me laugh:

After tweeting during a PGA tournament, I became friends with @TigersHeadCover.  After mentioning I wasn’t really a Tiger fan, this was the reply-

After mentioning the window sun shade I use on my car has a large Windows 95 logo on it (was a free promo item many years ago), I got this reply-

Mentioning I am obsessed with Augmented Reality (new technology), this reply:

The genius of it-

Then of course, the Tweeple you expect to be funny, like this one-


Not until you share an event of some sort on Twitter, do you really understand the power of a hashtag (#).  Watching sporting events, or awards shows or breaking news- sharing the experience with 1000’s of people on Twitter via a hashtag- is an amazing experience.

Not human, and that’s ok:

When I first realized there were animals on Twitter, I was fascinated.  I even started an account for my kitties and they follow only animals.  These animals have parties (#pawparty) and special dedicated days (#woofwednesday) and it’s an amazing culture.  But I am most thankful for the joy these ‘tweeting animals’ bring me.

They are some of the cutest, happiest twitterers out there-

They are grateful beyond belief-

extremely smart-

and of course, the most popular feline on Twitter, with over a million followers, Sockington

ok- this one isn’t an animal, but it is a baby- a baby who tweets.  And she is a Republican (unlike her Democrat parents)-


I am not always motivated to workout.  But the people on Twitter, people I don’t even know, are always there to help with motivation.

And the random kindness:

Tweeted about my cravings for ice cream…

he lives in Hawaii.


And a day I was just feeling crummy-

Oh and of course the occasional awesome tweet from a social media rock star 🙂

Only 3 months?

And these are just from the past 3 months.  Can you imagine the humor, joy, kindness, support, I’d even say love, that I have seen from my Twitter friends over this past year, not to mention since I joined Twitter (mid ’08)?  And please don’t anyone feel disappointed for not being mentioned in this post.  You all rock and I could write 100 posts about you all!

If anyone says they don’t get Twitter, and you want to go to your standard list of pre-existing reasons you rant and rave about to colleagues and friends, instead try a new and different approach.  Show why you are thankful for Twitter.

This post doesn’t even delve into why I love and use Twitter for business and why I teach and encourage the staffs at Gannett’s 80+ newspapers and 20+ TV stations to use it regularly.  This is just for me in my personal way, saying thank you to my Tweeple.  You guys rock beyond belief.  Happy Thanksgiving!